"George, oh what a night! So much fun... it was really the greatest! Thanks for ALL YOUR EFFORTS and GREAT IDEAS!" — Jacquie

"I have received so many compliments about the Ball and in particular the decorations and the food. Everything was perfect! The room was decorated in such a fun, whimsical, fabulous way, it would be impossible not to smile and have a good time! Well done George!" — Jacqui

"Thanks again for all your work on my party. It far exceeded all my expectations, and was a great topper to a great day for me. I'm so glad you were a part of it." — Sam

"We loved working with you and you cannot imagine the responses we have heard from our friends. You did an amazing job and it was just so easy for us. So, thank you. I still can't get over what this house looked like that evening." — Kim

"I would like to write a proper thank you for my party, but there just aren't any words. Everything was beyond my wildest dreams." — Sandra

"Thank you for helping to make our day so beautiful and for putting all of our minds at ease. I couldn't be more grateful. George, I felt at ease knowing that you were there behind it all!!! I wish I could give you a big squeeze right now. Thank you so much for everything!" — Katie

"How can I thank you for everything you did to make the wedding so magnificent! You were amazing! I know that Katie and I were never worried about a thing, we could not have done it without you! Thank you so much!" — Pam

"You guys were such a pleasure to work with. What a great party. We had a ball and I am so thankful to you both for making it so easy on Colette and me. With gratitude," — Ben

"Again, thank you so much for making my job and hostess so very enjoyable. It truly was a beautiful evening! I am so fortunate to work with you on my events because it truly is so care free for me. You're the best!" — Amy

"Our members loved the location, decor, dancing, fun atmosphere....everything. The party was a hit!" — Jennifer